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A rainy day paragraph For All Class, SSC & HSC (150- 300 words)

A rainy day paragraph

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1. A Rainy Day Paragraph

A rainy day is when it rains all day without a break. It usually happens in the rainy season, but it can also occur in any season. When it rains, the sky remains covered with clouds. The sun cannot be seen anywhere. The day becomes dull and gloomy. Small children often dance with joy when it rains. They make paper boats and float them in the water. The rain makes the trees and grass look green and fresh. But it also creates problems for some people. Roads become muddy and slippery. People can’t go out and end up being confined to their homes. Despite all these inconveniences, a rainy day is special in our hearts. It provides a break from the monotony of the summer heat. It brings all a sense of joy and happiness, especially nature lovers.

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Difficult words for A Rainy Day Paragraph:

  • Dull (নিস্তেজ) – Not bright or shiny.
  • Gloomy (অন্ধকার) – Dark or poorly lit.
  • Confined (সীমিত) – Not free to move.
  • Monotony (একঘেয়েমি) – Lack of variety and interest.
  • Inconvenience (অসুবিধা) – Trouble or difficulty caused to one’s personal requirements or comfort.

2. A Rainy Day Paragraph

A rainy day signifies more than just a meteorological change in our climate – it carries a profound transformation in our landscape, ambiance, and emotions. It is a day when the heavens open and rain descends in relentless torrents. The sky, usually a clear canvas of blue, is shrouded in a gray mantle of clouds. The bright, scorching sun remains veiled, leading to an overall gloomy atmosphere that might appear dispiriting to some. Yet, it harbors an intrinsic charm that resonates with our spirits in different ways. For children, it is a day of merriment and uninhibited joy. Their elated squeals echo through the air as they splash around in puddles, crafting delicate paper boats that sail majestically over these transient bodies of water. The verdant foliage takes on a more intense hue under the steady drizzle, painting a picture of ethereal beauty. However, a rainy day isn’t bereft of its share of challenges. The roads become slippery, treacherous terrain, while the relentless downpour can lead to the unfortunate circumstance of water logging, causing significant inconvenience to daily commuters. Activities come to a standstill as individuals seek shelter from the unyielding rain, preferring the cozy confines of their homes. However, the rhythmic pattern of rain against the windowpane and the fresh, earthy scent that pervades the air post-rain make these small hardships worth enduring. In essence, a rainy day provides a respite from the relentless monotony of scorching summer days and the mundane routine of daily life. It is a day that brings a sense of serenity, peace, and joy to our hearts, regardless of the challenges it might pose.

Difficult words for A Rainy Day Paragraph:

  • Meteorological (আবহাওয়াবিদ্যাসংক্রান্ত) – Related to the science that deals with the phenomena of the atmosphere, especially weather and weather conditions.
  • Torrents (ধারাবাহিকভাবে) – A strong and fast-moving stream of water or other liquid.
  • Veiled (আচ্ছাদিত) – Covered or concealed as if by a veil.
  • Merriment (আনন্দ) – Gaiety and fun.
  • Verdant (সবুজ) – Green with grass or other rich vegetation.
  • Bereft (বিয়োগ) – Deprived of or lacking something.
  • Treacherous (বিশ্বাসঘাতক) – Guilty of or involving betrayal or deception.
  • Unyielding (অবলম্বন না করা) – Not likely to give way or concede; firm.
  • Pervades (বিস্তার করে) – Spread through and be perceived in every part of.
  • Respite (বিরতি) – A short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.
  • Serenity (প্রশান্তি) – The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

3. A Rainy Day Paragraph

A rainy day, an experience both commonplace and extraordinary, brings an exceptional rhythm to our otherwise familiar world. The transformation begins with the sky, which darkens gradually as thick, brooding clouds obscure the cheerful rays of the sun. The wind picks up, rustling the leaves and creating an atmosphere of suspense as if nature itself is holding its breath. Then, without much warning, the first drops fall – a sporadic pitter-patter that swiftly morphs into a torrential downpour, a symphony of water droplets hammering against the ground and rooftops. Streets become gleaming mirrors, reflecting the world in a shimmering, distorted light while puddles, like fleeting lakes, dot the landscape, a haven for paper boats navigating their transitory existence. Children exult in the unexpected holiday, their laughter echoing amid the patter of raindrops, while their clothes and hair become as wet as the world around them. On the other hand, adults take shelter, marveling at the relentless cascade from the safety of their homes or workplaces, with the rhythmic drumming of rain against windows creating a soothing, hypnotic melody. Meanwhile, the scent of the earth, a unique, invigorating perfume known as petrichor, fills the air, an olfactory testament to nature’s enduring resilience. Amid this symphony of rain, people navigate the day, sipping hot drinks, sharing stories, and occasionally braving the rain to fulfill duties or simply soak in the joy of rainfall. However, a rainy day isn’t devoid of hardships – waterlogging, traffic snarls, and sometimes flooding pose significant challenges. But, in the end, a rainy day provides an interlude from the usual, a break in the monotony of sunny, dry days, and a reminder of nature’s unpredictable, powerful, yet inherently beautiful character.

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Difficult words for A Rainy Day Paragraph:

  • Commonplace (সাধারণ) – Not unusual; ordinary.
  • Obscure (আচ্ছাদন করা) – Keep from being seen; conceal.
  • Sporadic (বিচ্ছিন্ন) – Occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated.
  • Torrential (প্রবল) – Falling rapidly and in copious quantities.
  • Transitory (অস্থায়ী) – Not permanent.
  • Exult (আনন্দ ব্যক্ত করা) – Show or feel elation or jubilation, especially as the result of success.
  • Hypnotic (মোহনীয়) – Having the capacity to induce a state of hypnosis.
  • Petrichor (ভূমির গন্ধ) – A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.
  • Olfactory (ঘ্রাণ সংক্রান্ত) – Related to the sense of smell.
  • Devoid (বর্জিত) – Entirely lacking or free from.
  • Snarls (গড়গড়িয়ে দেওয়া) – Make (something) complicated or tangled, as if by knots.
  • Interlude (মধ্যবিরতি) – An intervening period of time.
  • Monotony (একঘেয়ে হওয়া) – Lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine.

4. A Rainy Day Paragraph

The spectacle of a rainy day is a truly captivating occurrence that paints our quotidian life with different hues, making it feel both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. The first whispers of an impending shower emerge subtly, the azure sky slowly surrendering its cheerfulness to a vast canopy of heavy, pregnant clouds that brim with the promise of rain. As this gradual shift unfurls, the wind begins its prelude, playfully rustling the foliage and carrying the slightly damp, foreboding scent of the imminent deluge. Without much pomp, the rain begins to fall, initially as a scattered pattern on the rooftops, but soon morphs into a relentless downpour that engulfs everything in sight. The once dry streets swiftly become shimmering, silvery canvases mirroring the surroundings with a surreal twist, while transient puddles turn into makeshift lakes, replete with eager paper boats bobbing amidst their ephemeral existence. The sudden holiday gifted by the rain brings children out in droves, their ebullient laughter echoing around the neighborhood, forming an indelible part of the rainy day symphony. Their exuberance, evident in their drenched clothes and damp hair, is a stark contrast to the adults who, usually take refuge in the cozy indoors, savoring the spectacle from the comfort of their abode. The rhythm of raindrops drumming against windows and rooftops forms a hypnotic cadence, lending a tranquil ambiance to the scene. Amid this rainfall sonata, the scent of wet earth, referred to as petrichor, permeates the air, a gratifying perfume that celebrates the earth’s interaction with the rain. As the day progresses, individuals find their own way to revel in the weather, from enjoying steaming cups of tea and engaging in heartfelt conversations to venturing out into the rain for necessities or simply revelling in the joy of getting drenched. However, a rainy day is not devoid of its share of tribulations – issues such as waterlogging, chaotic traffic, and sometimes, severe flooding can disrupt normal life. But, the allure of a rainy day lies in its ability to provide a breather from the humdrum of dry, sunny days, offering a glimpse into nature’s dynamic, mighty, and yet stunningly beautiful character.

Difficult words:

  • Quotidian (প্রতিদিনের) – Occurring or recurring daily; commonplace.
  • Azure (আকাশী) – Bright blue in color, like a cloudless sky.
  • Prelude (ভূমিকা) – An action or event serving as an introduction to something more important.
  • Deluge (বন্যা) – A severe flood.
  • Engulf (মহাসাগরে মিশে যাওয়া) – Sweep over (something) so as to cover or surround it completely.
  • Ephemeral (ক্ষণিক) – Lasting for a very short time.
  • Droves (ভিড়) – A large crowd of people.
  • Ebullient (উদ্দীপ্ত) – Cheerful and full of energy.
  • Ambiance (পরিবেশ) – The character and atmosphere of a place.
  • Sonata (যন্ত্রসঙ্গীতবিশেষ) – A composition for an instrumental soloist, often with a piano accompaniment.
  • Permeates (ব্যাপ্ত হওয়া) – Spread throughout (something); pervade.
  • Tribulations (যন্ত্রণা) – A cause of great trouble or suffering.
  • Humdrum (একঘেয়ে) – Lacking excitement or variety; boringly monotonous.

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