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Traffic Jam Paragraph for class 7

traffic jam paragraph

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1. Traffic Jam Paragraph

Every thriving city across the globe grapples with the recurring nuisance of traffic congestion, but few places endure the intensity of this issue quite like the bustling heart of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Characterized by a ceaseless cacophony of honking horns, throngs of pedestrians weaving their way around gridlocked vehicles, and a sky laden with a haze of exhaust fumes, traffic congestion has become an insidious part of Dhaka’s identity.

Intricately linked to urban expansion, the traffic congestion problem in Bangladesh is a multifaceted issue stemming from the rapid growth of the city’s population, coupled with a disproportionate development of infrastructure. The result is a cityscape riddled with bottlenecks that thwart movement and impede productivity.

Unregulated street markets spilling over onto the roads, improper parking, and inadequate public transport add further complexity to this scenario. These factors not only slow down vehicular movement but also endanger pedestrians’ safety, leading to an alarming rate of road accidents.

The traffic jam in Bangladesh has severe socioeconomic impacts, eroding the quality of life, increasing transportation costs, and depleting productive time. Studies show that citizens, on average, spend two to three hours daily stuck in traffic, effectively rendering their lives less efficient.

Initiatives for rectifying this chronic issue have been put forth, such as the development of the metro rail system and implementation of strict traffic rules. However, the path to a sustainable solution remains steep and winding, requiring persistent effort from both the government and citizens.

Glossary for Traffic Jam Paragraph:

  • Congestion (গড়গড়ি) – A situation where a place is too crowded or blocked.
  • Intricately (জটিলভাবে) – In a very complicated or detailed manner.
  • Multifaceted (বহুমুখী) – Having many different aspects to be considered.
  • Infrastructure (অবকাঠামো) – The basic systems and services that a country or organization needs to function smoothly.
  • Bottlenecks (বাধা) – A situation that causes delay in a process or system.
  • Thwart (বাধা দেওয়া) – Prevent someone from accomplishing something.
  • Impede (প্রতিবন্ধক) – To slow something down or prevent an activity from making progress.
  • Socioeconomic (সামাজিক-অর্থনৈতিক) – Related to or concerned with the interaction of social and economic factors.
  • Eroding (ক্ষয়) – Gradually destroy or be gradually destroyed.
  • Productive (উৎপাদনমূলক) – Producing or able to produce goods, crops, or a large amount of something valuable.
  • Persistent (দৃঢ়তার সহিত) – Continuing to exist or happen, especially for longer than is usual or desirable.

2. Traffic Jam Paragraph

Bangladesh, with its vibrant culture and bustling cities, has a severe problem that frustrates its people daily – traffic jams. Particularly in Dhaka, the capital city, you’ll find roads packed with a sea of vehicles barely moving, and horns buzzing in a never-ending chorus.

This heavy traffic is tied to the city’s rapid growth. More people flocking to the city for opportunities mean more vehicles, but unfortunately, the city’s roads haven’t expanded at the same pace. Imagine trying to fit a big crowd through a small door – that’s the challenge faced by commuters daily.

Other factors like haphazard parking, street markets occupying roads, and fewer buses and trains for public transport also contribute. These issues not only slow down travel but risk the safety of people, leading to many road accidents.

Being stuck in traffic for hours is a serious problem. It affects people’s time, raises the cost of travel, and even adds to air pollution. Sadly, it’s common for people to spend up to three hours each day in traffic.

Solutions are being proposed and attempted, like building a metro rail system and enforcing stricter traffic rules. Yet, the journey towards a traffic-free Bangladesh is a long one and needs everyone’s help.

Glossary for Traffic Jam Paragraph:

  • Unraveling (আবিষ্কার করা) – Making clear or understanding something that is complex or mysterious.
  • Frustrates (হতাশ করা) – Causes someone to feel annoyed or less confident because they cannot achieve what they want.
  • Bustling (সক্রিয়) – Busy, energetic, and full of life.
  • Haphazard (এলোমেলো) – Lacking any obvious principle of organization.
  • Commuters (যাত্রী) – People who travel some distance to work every day.
  • Contribute (অবদান রাখা) – Help to cause or bring about.
  • Enforcing (মেরামত করা) – Making sure that people obey a rule or law.

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